The Xtensor. Reverse Grip Hand Exerciser

Repetitive squeezing and gripping with varying amounts of force often has a dramatic affect on how our hands age regardless of race, gender, age, job, activity or hobby.

Whether its hand tools, fishing rods, dental instruments or playing musical instruments like guitar or keyboard; reverse grip hand exercises are essential to keeping your hands feeling young and performing as you want them to.

  • Increasing blood flow to the addicted area restores Vital nutrients
  • Focus on individual finger strength
  • Comfortable and easy to use wrist strap
  • Multiple finger band ports for varying tension

Finger Strength

Focus on Individual Finger Strength to address problems that traditional hand strength tools overlook.

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Muscle Problems and Increase Blood Flow

Hand Grip Exerciser is meant to Correct Muscle Problems and Increase Blood Flow to the Affected Area; Restores Vital Nutrients to the Muscle and Tendons.

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